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  What is Slow-Intensity  
  The Program

Slow-Intensity® is our specialized program of high-intensity, low-force weight lifting at very slow speeds. It allows for an even application of resistance by eliminating momentum and forcing the muscles to do ALL of the work, thus improving overall strength and endurance. Each 20-30 minute workout includes techniques to safely and continuously build lean muscle, increase metabolism and burn calories more efficiently. We typically recommend 2 twenty-minute sessions per week allowing your body sufficient time to rest and rebuild.

Once a session at BodyQuest begins, your body is taken through 6 to 10 muscle specific exercises on our new Nautilus Nitro Plus machines. Each repetition takes 10 seconds to lift the weight and another 10 seconds to lower the weight until it is absolutely impossible to move the weight any longer. This is when muscle fatigue occurs, and that is the goal of every exercise. After 1-3 minutes of performing the exercise, a trainer encourages you to sustain the weight for an additional 10 seconds. This ensures the muscle has been thoroughly exhausted.

The Workout

Each session at BodyQuest will last between 20-30 minutes. When done correctly, it is all the time necessary to fatigue each of your major muscle groups and achieve great cardiorespiratory benefits. We typically recommend 1-2 sessions per week in order for your muscle to rebuild and give your body the necessary time to recover.

When you increase lean muscle mass, you also increase your body's ability to burn calories 24/7, even while you sleep. Since muscle takes up approximately 20% less space then fat, your body will become more lean and fit, plus you will increase your joint flexibility and cardiorespiratory fitness all at the same time. Performing aerobic type activities alone will decrease your muscle mass and over time also decrease your metabolic rate, causing you to burn calories at a slower rate. The only way to increase lean muscle is to perform resistance training.

One of the other benefits Slow-Intensity® boasts is the safety factor. Decreasing the momentum of an exercise significantly reduces the possibility of injuries. Also, the Nautilus machines are designed to accommodate smooth movements. The equipment isolates the muscle and positions the body in proper alignment for complete stabilization. Slow-Intensity® is the safest, most effective and time efficient workout available.

You will never have to spend hours in a crowded gym waiting for equipment. The entire studio is yours for the duration of the session. You will always receive complete privacy and personal attention from a trained certified professional. Each session is by appointment only, so there will never be anyone interrupting your time with us. You will be free to focus entirely on your form, breathing and technique.

Consider the Benefits

  • 20-30 minute sessions
  • 1-2 times per week
  • Complete privacy and personal attention in every session
  • Enjoy life without spending hours a day at a crowded gym
  • Lose inches and pounds
  • Increase metabolism, joint flexibility and cardiorespiratory fitness
  • Increase bone density
  • Distraction free. Ability to focus entirely on form, breathing and technique
  • Cool comfortable temperatures
  • Safe, effective and time efficient workouts
  • The best equipment available
  • No membership fees
Why Aerobics is NOT the Way

For decades, Americans have been bombarded with the notion aerobics is the key to a healthier life. People are now realizing the stress and harm we inflict onto our bodies from all this high force activity. Remember, low-impact does NOT mean low force! So why is aerobics not the solution? Aerobics is typically a low to moderate, long duration exercise. While you may burn a small amount of calories during the aerobic exercise, once you've stopped, so has your body's ability to burn any additional calories. The more lean muscle you build, the more additional calories your body burns ALL THE TIME (even during sleep your body will be burning calories!) According to an interview with Wayne L. Westcott, Ph.D., C.S.C.S., best selling fitness author and a strength training consultant, "Research from Tufts University indicates that if your replace about three pounds of muscle, you will increase your metabolic rate by about 7%, which reverses about 14 years of the aging process."

Many people associate lifting weights with getting big and bulky, when in fact very few people have the genetics to gain massive amounts of muscle, even if they tried. One popular myth is that lifting light weights with many repetitions "tones" the body. This is absolutely incorrect. The body is incapable of change and fat loss if it is not challenged. Resistance training not only speeds up your metabolism and helps you lose the unwanted body fat, but it also burns calories more efficiently, even while you sleep!

What is Slow-Intensity®
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